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Medical Software Systems (MSS) was founded in 1981 for the exclusive purpose of providing a comprehensive information management system for medical practices. The OPUS Practice Management System is a breakthrough in the creation of a fully integrated system for the management of your office at all levels. It combines the three areas that are the most time and paper intensive - billing, scheduling, and medical records; and creates a single system that allows everyone in your practice to work smarter and more efficiently as a team.

Designed for your Practice

Our expertise in system design and development makes us a leader in providing medical practice management systems. Our staff has the medical and technical expertise to design a comprehensive system to meet the needs of your practice. We also have the expertise and experience to perform a data conversion from your existing system is desired.

The modular design of the OPUS System offers the advantages of the standard system functions and the flexibility of tailoring the system to fit your practice easily and comfortably. The modules for Billing, Scheduling, and Medical Records may be utilized together as a fully integrated system or may be selectively used if desired.

Personalized Installation

Each client installation is given our personalized attention in implementing an efficient hardware and software solution. Our staff provides an orderly transition to OPUS by working closely with your staff. Training is conducted through a combination of demonstration tutorials, web-based interactive training, and in-person, on-site sessions.

Support and Satisfaction Guaranteed

MSS is a client-oriented company. Our staff is dedicated to developing and enhancing the OPUS System and providing excellence in service to our clients. Annual software updates are provided as part of the standard MSS maintenance agreement.

System Configuration

The OPUS Physician Practice Management System runs on a Windows or Linux server platform. The system can be configured for a WAN or LAN or a single PC environment, and supports Windows and Macintosh workstations.

OPUS is scaleable which means it can easily be expanded to accommodate new workstations as your practice grows, without interruption to your daily schedule.

OPUS runs on CACHE' ™ from the Intersystems Corporation. This operating environment has powerful database management features that offer superior multi-user/multi-tasking system performance.

MSS currently supports system configurations ranging from a single provider in a single location to a 35 multi-specialty physician group located in over 15 locations simultaneously accessing the system with over 150 workstations.

MSS can supply your system hardware or make recommendations for client-provided hardware. We test all new operating systems and software upgrades prior to selecting client beta test sites that participate in our quality control testing process.

MSS supports your system from our headquarters in Tucson via the Internet. We assist your practice in the diagnosis of hardware and software related problems and work closely with your local hardware support representative to resolve them.

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