CorrectStar is a highly secure full practice management software package written in InterSystems CACHÉ, one of the fastest post-relational databases in existence today. CorrectStar leading edge browser based software package provides everything a Correctional facility needs to manage its medical records. CorrectStar includes infectious disease tracking, electronic Medication Administration Record, and can link to other electronic systems such as pharmacy, laboratory and jail management systems.

CorrectStar follows an inmate from intake screening through custody stay, streamlines the delivery of prescribed medications, treatments and diets, orders lab tests, collects results, schedules follow-up visits, tracks TB and HIV patients and records it all on line.

CorrectStar's competitive advantage is the post-relational CACHÉ database from InterSystems that allows cross-referencing through an inmate's file from a single entry point. In other words, information does not need to be entered more than once.
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