Medical Software Systems (MSS), founded in 1981, provides a comprehensive medical practice management system. Our product, OPUS, is installed in physician offices, medical groups, residency programs, billing services, and outpatient clinics. The system supports financial management, clinical patient record, appointment scheduling, report generation, word processing, scanning, and document storage.

In January of 2005 MSS purchased Asystar, a Canadian company that had been developing a practice management system running on the same platform and database as OPUS. Asystar’s products, ChartStar and CorrectStar, had an extensive, browser-based electronic medical record component (CorrectStar is designed specifically for correctional institutions). The Chartstar EMR has been fully integrated into the OPUS application to provider a comprehensive practice management system.

MSS headquarters is in Tucson, AZ. Our Asystar subsidiary, which services our Canadian clients, is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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